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Vinyl 2000 Records

For a DJ or music enthusiast, finding the right turntable is the same as finding the right trumpet for a professional jazz musician.   The right tool in the hands of a passionate music manipulator is a work of art. At Vinyl 2000 records, we scour for turntable buying opportunities so we can match audiophiles to the perfect instrument for weaving their musical tapestry.

The Vinyl 2000 Records Difference:

At V2R, we are passionate, experienced musicians and we understand the value of and effort needed to find the right turntable. We’ve researched the evolution of turntables and have credible industry knowledge and connections to find even the most specialized turntable versions and editions. Additionally, our industry experience helps us personally connect with each client and understand the needs for their music creativity. Using our knowledge, experience and network, Vinyl 2000 Records provides an elite and unique service for DJ’s looking for their turntable.

Vinyl 2000 Records Quality:

V2R is committed to pairing DJ’s and audiophiles with the perfect turntable match. Sometimes this means locating and producing older versions and partaking in second-hand sales. At Vinyl 2000 Records, we value our customers and their love for their turntable. We guarantee each product we sell will be in impeccable quality and ready for use. Additionally, many of our turntables come with free shipping opportunities that are also guaranteed to meet or exceed expectations.